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I’m just waiting for an opportunity to say to some guy while rolling my eyes, “Yeah, right, I’m a regular Kim Cattrall!” as some sort of “sarcastic” and “self-deprecatory” remark, but really deep down I basically think I’m exactly like Kim Cattrall.

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I “get” shade and I “get” drag culture and all… but it would be nice to have a forum in which you could freely explore your gender identity without feeling as though someone’s gonna “read” you for not having perfect contouring, or for not being able to afford flattering outfits from the beginning, or for not passing, basically.

Like, when initially coming into contact with the drag community in a big city, you’re like, “Wow! There’s this new artform through which to express myself, to reconcile what I thought were inconsistencies between my sex and gender!” and then you see everyone’s tearing everyone down because their Adam’s apple is showing or they didn’t get their three-shade eyeshadow *just* right while you’re freaking out because you’ll never find a pair of pretty shoes to fit your boat-sized troll feet, and you’re like, “Wow! I guess I’ll just curl up in a ball and never talk to anyone ever again.”

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I have a superhuman sense of smell: that is to say, I have the uncanny ability to smell a guy’s particular brand of cheap cologne and macho bullshit from across the screen as soon as I read “straight-acting” in his profile.

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Jolin Tsai—Fantasy

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You have the ability to be a wonderful and compassionate human being. I hope you find the energy to work through the realizations and pain so that you can show the world all you truly have to offer.

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I’m just so sick of this exploitative, self-congratulatory “allyism”. If you’re an ally, that’s wonderful. Use the platform your privilege affords you in order to make the minority you’re defending visible. Don’t divert important dialogues and make them about yourself. Don’t expect to be given brownie points for being a decent human being. There are plenty of queer rappers who speak out about what it’s like to be gay/trans* and in hip hop, and they’re still struggling and poor as fuck. He could have collaborated with them, given them a greater audience, allowed them to represent themselves. Support is important, but so are visibility and representation. And when Macklemore, a straight white cisgendered man, appropriates other people’s struggles and criticises the lack of diversity in hip-hop with his song, he’s actually ironically taking away visibility and self-representation from the group he’s supposed to defend. That’s not progressive and it’s not helpful. That’s someone using a system that was designed for their success and then succeeding while exploitating the people who the system doesn’t benefit.

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jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.


jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.

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Tell me you own me, give me them coins

Light of your life, fire of your loins

Tell me you own me, give me them coins

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